Adobe İcons

Adobe Photoshop icons by ~iiroku
in Mac OS

Artist's Comments
Here are my icons for Photoshop CS3 beta and CS2.
What got me into doing these was the.. well.. blue square icon of the recently published Photoshop CS3 beta.

Also for request I added in the same icon with CS2 colouring.

Includes PNG's of 128px and 512px, icons, ICNS and an iContainer for Pixadex
Adobe CS3 Dock Icons by ~Victomized
Artist's Comments
I did the icon for the photoshop beta, so now that the whole suite is released i did a whole set. Enjoy.
Adobe CS-Gloss by ~Chasethebase
Artist's Comments
A new glossy Adobe CS3 set, includes these programs...

Crystal Adobe Creative Suite 3 by ~ZeDudeM
There is a minipack with 13 icons from the new softwares of Adobe.
Adobe Creative Suite 2 by ~whyred
Artist's Comments
CS2 icons with no background in 128x128 .ico and .png
Digital Makers by ~Trazo
Adobe®CS 6-Pack for ObjectDock by =spacecow4
Artist's Comments
Added three more icons to the original Trio to complete the set. ImageReady, Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive, InDesign and Acrobat/Adobe Reader for ObjectDock, based on a mix of both the original CS icons and their startup screens. Enjoy!

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